Sealing and Striping

Angel & Tony Landscaping is a trusted and developing leader in pavement markings in the Chicago, IL and surrounding areas. For a property manager or commercial property owner, the function and appearance of your parking lot is a very important consideration. Here at Angel & Tony Landscaping our Parking Lot maintenance systems are cost effective and designed to identify problems early. By finding these small problems we’ll help control your costs and improve the safety of your parking surface.

As part of our maintenance program, our seasoned professionals will come out regularly to inspect your surface. Since even small cracks can let water seep in and degrade your Parking surface prematurely we look for these and recommend sealing cracks on your blacktop surface regularly. This will extend the life of your parking lot and keep it looking great for years.

Our Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance programs will help you with:

• Crack Sealing – Keeping cracks filled, keeps moisture out and extends your surface life.

• Asphalt Patching – We’ll repair your problem areas with our patching systems.

• Resurfacing – A cost effective way to pave your lot and keep it looking and functioning well.

• Sweeping and Striping – We’ll keep your lot safe and looking great for many years to come and much more.

Offering a full range of road and pavement marking services, we combine one of the best vehicle fleets in the area, with highly trained crews and a strong sense of service second to none. We promise to deliver an excellent service. We stand by our goals.