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Angel & Tony Landscaping pruning service involves hand working each tree, shrub, or hedge using heavy duty bypass Pruners

Our team at Angel & Tony Landscaping starts by removing all dead wood from each plant to assure available nutrients are channeled to living wood. Our next step in the pruning process is to look for and remove branches that “cross over” each other. By removing the cross over branches, we assure that they will not grow together and open unnecessary wounds where diseases can enter the plant. We then look for redundant growth patterns and eliminate many of the branching layers that prevent light and air from reaching the inner branches of the plant.

Opening each plant in a balanced fashion, allows light to reach the inner branch crotches where dormant lateral buds reside. Only then do we go back and cut terminal buds by hand, or power shearing methods that force the inner dormant lateral buds to pop. This is a great way to keep your shrubs smaller and full of new growth.

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